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Steps to Take Towards a DataPipe Purchase: 20 of 23

Review the Complete Module List: This is typically the first step in the purchasing process. Look at our module list which has names and full descriptions of each module. Decide which ones suit your current needs, and perhaps, even which ones would be helpful down the road.  Once you settle on this list, we can provide you an exact price for the system and implementation. We will be happy to go over each module with you if you need further explanation.

Estimate the number of Concurrent Users: This is a decision you will have to make during the purchasing phase. How many concurrent users will you need to start? We define concurrent users as the number of users actually logged into the system at any one moment in time. So while you may have 500 people who can access DataPipe, if at most only 20 people are ever logged in at any one moment in time, then you would only require a 20 concurrent user license. The License and Maintenance Agreements: The two agreements below will be sent to you for review and execution. The terms of these agreements begin when we received the signed copy.

1. The license agreement defines the single payment license fee. It outlines the modules, concurrent user count and the installation and testing specifications for implementation.

2. The maintenance agreement defines the terms for annual maintenance of the DataPipe software, upgrades, and technical support.

Pricing Model for the License Fee
The license fee is a one-time payment, 99 year license. Our model is simple but does require a touch of math which we outline for you in our documentation. The cost for a DataPipe license depends on several factors:

·         Specific modules selected
Total number of modules
Number of concurrent users.

The cost for an individual module depends on its size and complexity; hence the total license fee will vary based on the modules you choose. Finally, as you increase the number of concurrent users who have access to the system, the license fee increases. However, as the number of modules and/or users in your system increases, an increasing and cumulative discount is applied.  We have a simple excel document that allows you to select the modules of interest and will auto calculate price based on various levels of concurrent users. We will be happy to go over various configurations and their corresponding costs with you at any time.

Our annual support and maintenance is always 15% of the current license fee billed annually. This cost hasn’t changed in a decade and we are pleased to say that it is the lowest in the industry for comparably sized enterprise solutions. The average support fee tends to be in the 18-25% range. We offer low maintenance fees simply because our software just sits there and works. We do not get calls often and after more than 30 years of EH&S programming, we find that technical calls are few and far between. We don’t mind. And our customers like that DataPipe just works.

Additional Costs
Additional costs associated with implementation are listed below.

Consultation – the initial (often onsite) meeting to make sure that we are all on the same page prior to installation. The purpose of this meeting is to get our ducks in a row and plan for the day of installation. We also help you to work out your organizational structure that will be implemented into DataPipe. The org structure is unique to each company and tells DataPipe how to organize your data. It’s critical for utilizing our powerful reporting tools.

Installation – It typically takes about one day (either onsite or remotely) for us to bring a system online and launch it. This typically follows a consultation and we have you run some test scripts prior to beginning this procedure.  Installation is pretty straight forward and only requires one of our technical support specialists.

Training – Usually one to two days but can vary greatly depending on if you want us to train everyone or just train the trainers. It really depends on the number of users you want trained in one session.

Custom Report Writing – This can vary greatly but if you have us do this work for you we would charge our hourly rate. However, the source code for all reports are available to you and you can certainly write your own if you’d like to. We often do reports for customers.

Triggers – Triggers are small programs that run based on conditions that you set. When a condition is met the trigger fires and the action which you determine occurs. This can be anything from an email notification to a report to a record being automatically filled out and opened. DataPipe makes it simple to add condition based triggers to any form or field. We provide a control where you can paste your code and assign the trigger. While we would be happy to write them for you, these custom triggers can easily be written by you as well.

External Processes and Advanced Programming – These are custom programs layered on top of any DataPipe form or field that can do just about anything you can imagine, programmatically. They are the most advanced configurations within DataPipe. Customers use external processes and advanced programming to communicate with outside systems and databases, initiating dialog boxes that let the user choose specific conditions prior to running reports. They are designed and implemented as needed to make your EH&S program more efficient.

Interfacing with External systems and software – DataPipe was designed to easily interface with other systems that can exchange data. It doesn’t matter if it’s an instrument or a database or even an automated process that sends data over email or through FTP to a server. If data from an external system can be exported and mapped, DataPipe can process it.

Driver development for interfacing with instruments – DataPipe can interface and exchange data with any instrument or device that can output its data. In order to automate the transfer of data from an instrument to DataPipe, a make/model specific driver needs to be written to speak directly to that instrument. Once written, you can use it for all devices of the same make and model. This driver instructs DataPipe how to read the data stream coming from this specific instrument so that DataPipe knows what to do with the data it receives.

Things you can do in DataPipe for FREE
Most companies run your budget dry when you have them customize a system to meet your needs – this is not the case with DataPipe. We have opened up the source code on our reports, triggers and processes so that you can make sweeping changes to the system without coming back to us. These are things you can do for FREE in DataPipe without having to come back to the vendor for costly changes:

·         Ad-hoc report generation and modification.

·         Advanced report generation and modification.

·         Crystal report interfacing and custom modifications

·         Development of custom condition-based triggers that can be assigned to forms and fields.

·         An interface to external systems, databases and other software to exchange data.

·         Modification of any form in the system using the form designer and the point and click interface – most configurations require no programming knowledge at all.

We are also available to do this level of configuration for you at a cost, but since we have over 30 years of EH&S software development experience, the time and cost to you is minimal compared to ERM software that have to learn EH&S as they go. If you choose to have us do the work for you, we will give you the best possible price and turn around time with the highest quality work.

  • Pain Points – troublesome reasons we often hear when it comes time to implement an EH&S software solution and their solution.

We don’t have the IT support to implement your software package.
Not a problem. Many customers who don’t have IT support or even a network infrastructure opt to install DataPipe as a hosted solution at an Application Service Provider (ASP). We would act as your IT support and install DataPipe at the ASP. Whether it is on your servers or an ASP’s servers, the result would be transparent to the end user. The additional cost is minimal for hosting a server for per year and our cost for managing the server as your IT staff is limited to installation, upgrades or programming customizations, etc. Often, you won’t need us for months or years except for an occasional upgrade to the software. Ask us about cost and how it all works.

We do not have budget money at this time for an EH&S software package.
Many customers have felt the punch of the economy and can not pull the necessary funds together for a complete EH&S system. That’s ok. DataPipe was designed to expand from the ground up. Start with some critical modules and a few concurrent user seats to get your program going. As the budget year allows, add on modules and users. This is how most of our clients do it. There is no cost penalty for adding on modules and users as you go. You simply pay the difference in the license fee from the original system to the updated system, plus a small re-build fee. It is both economical and smart to ramp up in phases as your program demands. We can walk you through this process and provide you phased pricing so you can plan ahead.

I want it but I have to convince management that they need it.
Refer back to our Cost Benefit Analysis section above. When implemented properly, there is potential for great return on investment (ROI). The cost benefit is enormous when considering improved efficiency, reduced salaries, mitigation of fines and penalties and ease of data manipulation and reporting. Through effective data mining, you can locate, and subsequently mitigate, risk before it becomes an incident. The savings for an accident that doesn’t happen are immeasurable.

We’re not sure which system is the right solution for our future growth.
Well, there is no system out there that can expand as simplistically and into so many complex areas as DataPipe. We didn’t start as a “safety” system and then decide to expand out our capability. DataPipe was built from the ground up as a fully modular and expandable EH&S software solution. You can expand into any area of EH&S and add on, improving your functionality, so that the system is automating as much of your work load as possible.  Look at the 10 topics for “assessing an EH&S system” above to determine if you have asked the right questions. DataPipe was designed to meet and exceed these requirements and more. And, we have been engineering EH&S software for over 3 decades – longer than anyone in the industry – hands down.

I can’t get upper management to buy into this enterprise purchase.
Yes – it is a big investment. But DataPipe WILL save you money in the long run. And sometimes even in the short term. The best solution to the upper management road block is to get them to see this point. And to do this we suggest having them speak to us. If we can show them the system and how it can save the company money perhaps they will be more open to the idea. Also, show them the cost benefit analysis. Or, if you just can’t start out with a capital expenditure purchase, then start out with one module and one user and see what the system can do. We will install it and when you provide sophisticated reports to upper management minutes after they ask for it, they will take a second look. This happens all the time. We love it when management takes notice after DataPipe provides information in a few minutes when they are used to receiving answers in days and even weeks.


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