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How To Determine Your DataPipe License Fee.

There are over 100 EH&S modules in DataPipe that you can choose from to make a complete system.  Each module has its own unit price.  The total sum of all the modules you select will give you the DataPipe single user license fee.  A multi-user system can be priced out for various levels of concurrent users.

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The best way to calculate your license fee is to take a look at the complete DataPipe module list (in excel).  We can provide this to you when you are ready to price out a system.  To get this list from us, either call our office or fill out the information request form.

Simply go down column A and mark a "1" next to each module of interest, then send the worksheet back to us for a price work up.  We will give you a total price based on the modules you selected over a range of concurrent users.

We define concurrent users as the number of users actually logged into the system at any one moment in time. Thus, you may have 500 people who can use DataPipe, however if at any one moment in time, if only 20 people are ever logged in, then you would get a 20 concurrent user system.

The DataPipe License Agreement

Ask us about the DataPipe license agreement which covers all aspects of licensing DataPipe.

The DataPipe Maintenance Agreement

Ask us about the DataPipe maintenance agreement which covers all aspects of tech support and ongoing upgrades and maintenance of DataPipe.

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