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Define Your DataPipe System

DataPipe is a modular based data management system with complete coverage of Environment, Health and Safety.  Whether your organization's goal is to integrate every discipline into one centralized data repository thus maximizing your analysis and trending abilities, or if your organization would rather start out small and build your way up to an all encompassing system, DataPipe has modules that will fit your needs.

Since DataPipe is modular, you can start with just the essential pieces and build up over time as budget and man power allow.  And as you grow, and as other departments come on board, new modules can be added on at any time.  There is no cost penalty for doing this and every module simply drops right in and begins to speak to your system. 

The steps to take to define your system are as follows:

  1. Understand how you currently run your business.  Define what types of data you currently collect and manage.  What kind of reports do you currently generate from your data.  How does your data currently get put into your system (hand written, typed, etc).

  2. Review our complete module list (we provide this to you in excel).  It has names and descriptions of every module we offer.  Go down the list and mark off which modules you need to meet your organizations business requirements.  You may want to distinguish which modules you need now and which modules you can add on at a later date.

  3. Estimate the number of concurrent users you anticipate licensing.  You can always raise this at any time.  There is no cost penalty for doing this - you just pay the difference in the license fee.  You don't have to worry about user or site license.  We don't care.  You can have thousands of employees at hundreds of sites around the world access DataPipe.  As long as you don't exceed the concurrent user count (simultaneous logged-in users).

  4. Have us price out that system based on the modules you selected and the concurrent user count you have indicated.

  5. Now join us for an online demo to see how these modules integrate with each other, share data and allow you to manage your EH&S business rules from one system.

Once you are satisfied with the power and flexibility of DataPipe, we can build and have a working system in place in your organization in under 3 weeks.  To begin the process, please contact us.

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