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Knorr Associates Inc. - Providing EHS Software Solutions Since 1979 (40 Years!)

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EHS Software, Environment and Waste Management, Occupational Health and Medical, Industrial Hygiene and Safety

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Price Out a DataPipe System:


Please estimate the number of concurrent users you require in the DataPipe system. 




Concurrent Users: We define concurrent users as the number of users actually logged into the system at any one moment in time. Even if you have 5000 employees from multiple sites around the world who have access to DataPipe, if at most you only had 20 people ever logged in at the same time, then you would only require a 20 concurrent user system.

Note Its ok if you are not sure about this number because we will give you a range of prices based on a range of users around your selection.  Please do make an educated guess so we have a starting point.  We price out in steps of 5 concurrent users (so, 1, 5, 10, 15,....75, 80, 85,... etc).



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